Individual Health Insurance at Work is Not Always the Best Option

Today, many individuals may be surprised that purchasing an individual health insurance policy privately is more cost effective than purchasing individual health insurance through an employer. Health insurance costs keep rising and many companies are passing these costs on to their employees.

Also, many companies are reducing the amount they contribute toward the cost of health insurance, effectively making the individual pay the entire cost of the health insurance. If the individual health insurance policy offered at an individuals work does not meet their health care needs adequately, they may be better off getting health insurance quotes on their own to replace their coverage.

Many individuals may be surprised to learn that individual health insurance bought privately is equal in cost to the insurance offered by their employer. By getting numerous health insurance quotes, an individual may find better coverage options than those offered by their employer.

Opting for a less expensive private individual health insurance policy may not be the best option for everyone. Individuals with pre-existing conditions may be better off with an employer sponsored individual health insurance plan where all employees must be accepted regardless of their health problems.

If you are very pleased with the health insurance quotes you receive online, do not cancel any health insurance coverage you currently have with your employer until you are certain you are covered by your new insurance company. You should get an approval letter first, before you cancel any existing health insurance coverage.