HCF, an Australian’s Professional Health Insurer

Struggling a hectic life with under-presurred jobs to run is something which happened to most of the people in this modern era. That is absolutely no doubt, that this kind of lifestyle invite some kinds of health problems.

That’s the reasons why we need to have a health insurance to cover all the possible medicational treatments include hospital services that in case, we probably need in the future. And talking about having a health insurance, The Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia (HCF) established to provide you with the best in private health insurance  products.

Why HCF, anyway?

There are many reasons why taking HCF private health insurance makes sense. Here are a few of those benefits. You will get generous limits on all your Extras because HCF offers some of the highest benefit limits on dental, optical, physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy. HCF also offers a range of no-gap diagnostic and preventative dental services through their HCF Oral Health Program.

There are currently 1,700 dentists registered on the HCF Oral Health Program across VIC, QLD, ACT and regional NSW. Moreover, you will get more cover for the important hospital services such as coronary care, intensive care and neo-natal intensive care. This means there are no surprises no matter what level of cover you choose.

As a professional health insurer, HCF not only provides excellent products but also build and maintain good communication with its members. It’s easy to talk with them since they have 50 branches, sales representatives and a call centre that’s open 7 days a week.

So when you call them, you’ll speak to a real person who will take the time to help you with your enquiry. It’s really comfortable, isn’t it? To have further and detail information about HCF and their products, just visit www.hcf.com.au and don’t hesitated to call HCF Health Fund on 13 13 34. It’s available throughout Australia.